Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Anyway

I've recently been toying with the idea of not getting cable when I move into my new apartment. I love having cable, don't get me wrong. I can pass entire weekends watching marathons of The Hills, Project Runway or What Not to Wear. This is unfortunate for two reasons, however. One, passing entire weekends watching these shows isn't the way a 22-year-old should be spending her time. Two, in between the marathons of shows I do like are episodes of shows I wouldn't want to be caught dead watching. One example is Cheyenne, MTV's show about a blonde teenage girl hoping to make it big in the music world.

I don't care about Cheyenne, her new single or the guy she might be dating. But the show is on, and I'm too lazy to change the channel. This is usually when I go online to check e-mail or update my facebook/MySpace profile. And although I'm not paying attention to the show, little parts of it creep into my subconscious. In Cheyenne's case, it's her song “Hanging On.” I'm not entirely sure that's the name of the song, but I don't really care. Anyway, the song gets stuck in my head and I find myself humming to it in public. I usually catch myself halfway through the chorus, but who knows how many people could have heard that.

Situations like this make me seriously consider getting rid of cable. It's been a long time since I can say I've learned something valuable from cable, and I think the last thing I learned had something to do with bootcut jeans and tunics (thank you, Clinton and Stacy).

As a recent college grad, I've also taken myself out of the world that cable television revolves around. I'll be in an office from 8 to 5 with people who don't know what I'm talking about when I say, “I can't believe Lauren and Jason are together again; I hope he doesn't screw it up this time!” Instead, water-cooler television topics will include tidbits from the nightly news or American Idol (I'm not a fan of American Idol, but I guess everyone else is). I guess not only have I graduated from college, but also MTV. That's when you know you're getting old. How depressing.

But it's not over quite yet. I still have about 10 days in my old apartment and a family two and a half hours away who still subscribe to cable. If I plan it right, I can catch up with the drama of Lauren and Jason, see what budding designer Heidi has sent home and get fashion advice from Stacy and Clinton. Maybe my life will change dramatically after saying goodbye to cable. I might volunteer more often, get a tan, exercise, read two books a week. Maybe I'll even start watching American Idol and my insights into Simon's criticisms will land me a raise. The possibilities are endless.


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