So This is the New Year

It’s that’s time of year again when everyone starts analyzing their lives and trying to decide what they really need to change, then talking about how that’s what they’re going to change, then talking about how they’re doing so well at changing that habit…for about four days. Then they go back to their old habits and pretend like they “don’t believe in resolutions.”

Not like I’m any different. I don’t know how many times I’ve said I’m going to start flossing every day or lifting weights on a regular basis or running 10 miles. I do well for the first week maybe, and then something comes up, like I’m hung over one day or the floss in my bathroom is at least 8 years old and I just don’t feel comfortable using it.

I think the problem with most people’s resolutions is that the resolutions aren’t realistic or measurable. I don’t think I could go from not flossing ever to flossing every day overnight. Instead, I’m setting goals in phases. My resolutions this year revolve around eating healthier. So my goal for January is to eat at least three servings of vegetables a week. I realize that sounds like a ridiculously low number, but I’m ridiculously bad at eating vegetables. But I also want to note that I’m only counting servings as straight up vegetables, not like the tomatoes in my fajita Lean Pocket. My other goal is to make my own meals two times a week. Haha, again, I realize this sounds ridiculous, but I just never cook. My meals at home usually consist of mac and cheese (spiral shapes!), rice-a-roni (chicken flavored!) or pasta with taco sauce (I’m not totally sure you’re supposed to eat that much taco sauce in one sitting, but oh well). So I figure it’s time to be a real adult and start making actual meals. If you have any good recipes that involve some kind of slicing, dicing, mixing or sauteeing, let me know.

So yeah, my resolutions are pretty lame. And probably laughably easy for the majority of 25-year-olds. But maybe by the time I’m 26, I’ll be a vegetable-eating machine who is the head chef at a swanky suburban restaurant. OK, so maybe that’s not realistic. And that’s why it’s not my resolution.


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