Adventures in Baking…Or Cooking…Or Food Preparation of Some Kind

So one of my New Year’s resolutions was to cook more, right? I did a little experimenting this evening. I’m going to explain what I wanted to get, what I did and maybe the results (if writing the blog takes long enough). I won’t blame anyone for thinking, “What? She did what hoping to get what? This girl is CLUELESS.” And I’m hoping at the end of 2009, I’ll re-read this post and think that same thing because of my advanced culinary skills. Moving on.

So one of my favorite holiday treats are those pretzels covered in the white stuff…haha, I feel like I’ve heard it’s almond bark or white chocolate or decliciousness. Anyway, because I’m 1) inexperienced in cooking and 2) too lazy to look up recipes online, I decided to try to make these treats using pretzel rods (seems like a safe choice) and white chocolate chips (leftover from my office’s holiday party that I helped plan, so I was able to have dibs on what to take home…why I chose the white chocolate chips over the Doritos, bottled water or other valuable items, I don’t know).

Anyway, I’m slightly concerned that I shouldn’t be using white chocolate chips, because I don’t think they’re the same as whatever almond bark is…but whatever. Again, anyone remotely experienced with cooking/baking/whatever this is considered, I completely understand if you’re shaking your head at me right now in disgust. I also realize I could save myself all the embarrassment of this post by just Googling almond bark and finding out what it is instead of continuing to say I don’t know what it is, but again, I’m lazy right now. Moving on. So I poured the entire bag of white chocolate chips into a little sauce pan, put the heat on low or medium low, and watched the chips melt, while stirring. My first few pretzel rods turned out nicely. Well, I haven’t actually tasted them yet, but they look nice. The white chocolate coating was evenly spread and looked relatively uniform all the way around, just like the way the experienced cooks’/bakers’/whatever kind of preparation this is always do.

After the first three or four, however, something happened. In retrospect, I think it was too high of heat. At the time, though, I thought it was something else. So I’m spreading the white chocolate just like I did with the first few, but it’s looking chunkier now for some reason and there are light brown splotches. My initial thought was that one of the pretzels had broken and its crumbles had fallen into my mix. What I actually think happened was the chocolate started to burn (my sauce pan is SUPER thin) so it was no longer easily spreadable. Needless to say, the last 15 or 20 pretzel rods look very strange. But I think that adds character. I can pretend it’s my culinary flair; it’s how I express my inner chaos, my inner confusion about where my life is going. Maybe this makes me an independent thinker; a refreshing addition to the culinary atmosphere. Some might even say that I have vision.

Or some might say I should use Google before attempting to make something.


One thought on “Adventures in Baking…Or Cooking…Or Food Preparation of Some Kind

  1. …coming from a dude who has managed to prepare crunchy Mac-n-Cheese, I think you’re doing a-okay!!

    Keep going with the cookin’ and the bloggin’…I can’t help but think your pusuits of perfection at both will lead to endless entertainment for me!!

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