The Art of the Blind Hem

My favorite Christmas gift this year was a sewing machine from Sears. Well, Sears didn’t give it to me, my parents did, but they purchased it from Sears in a day-after-Thanksgiving door buster deal. Since I specifically asked for it and made sure they got it that day, they gave it to me as an early Christmas gift so I could start enjoying it right away.

Unfortunately, due to my laziness and procrastination, I hadn’t really used it until tonight.

I had good intentions, I swear. At the time of the purchase, I was planning a big life change (breaking up with my live-in boyfriend who would then be moving out) and thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of “creative outlet” in which to channel all my energy — read: free time — and dedication. Sewing was going to be that outlet. I’d also been frustrated by the fact that I didn’t have a true hobby. I enjoy reading, but that just wasn’t cutting it for me. I needed something to do, a project, that I could start and finish and make alterations to and use. If I became a master seamstress, I would have countless projects (pillows, blankets, clothing, other stuff you can sew) to research (finding patterns and fabric), plan (determining the dimensions) and execute (the sewing part). I told all of my friends that after my break up, my condo was going to be overflowing with weird pillows, blankets and curtains, and that they should know what to expect as a gift for any upcoming holidays.

All these good intentions never materialized, however. I stepped foot into a fabric store once, hoping it would spark something. I purchased some thread used for denim and a few assorted colors that I thought would come in handy whenever my creative juices started flowing. But they never did. I thought I would have all this free time once my boyfriend moved out, but somehow I had even less. Probably because I have such amazing friends who were there to keep me company what seemed like every night. Work was busy too — I was bringing stacks of it home every night.

The real reason I probably never started anything was intimidation. I hadn’t used a sewing machine in close to five years. Even though my mom had helped me set it all up immediately after giving it to me, it still looked complicated. A majority of the projects I wanted to do (hem pants) meant I needed a different color of thread to be loaded…but my mom and I had prepared only white! I just decided that instead of figuring out how to load a new color, I would just put it away and wait until “the mood striked” me. Nearly two months later, that mood hadn’t striked.

Until tonight, when I realized that the two new pairs of dress pants I so desperately want to wear absolutely need to be hemmed before I can do that. So I spent about an hour practicing with a pair of old dress pants. The results were not good. Probably because 1) I have zero patience, 2) I don’t have all the necessary tools and 3) I seriously have no patience. So after ruining my practice pair, I came to the conclusion that I would take my new pants to a trained professional tomorrow. I think I’ll stick to pillows and blankets for now.


One thought on “The Art of the Blind Hem

  1. I will pay you any amount of money for a Lindsey Quick original…literally, any amount!!

    If you giggled your adorable Lindsey giggle after reading that…which I assume/hope you did…I implore you to take me seriously. I would LOVE to have a blanket sewn by your impatient hands…

    You can choose the fabric type or pattern or print or whatevs and white thread is PERFECT…you know, because I’m white…so it’s practically personalized.

    I will double your asking price if you promise to take many photos and chronicle the adventure right here on the pages of your aptly-renamed blog!!

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