Close Encounters of the “Heroes” Kind

Hayden Panettiere On Set Of "Heroes" 2Has anyone been watching Heroes lately? Hayden Panettiere’s character, Claire, has been looking like an alien. Something about the way they’re styling her hair. It’s always poofed up in the front, right off her forehead. It almost looks like she’s wearing a wig — like they put all of her natural hair into a skull cap thingie, then put this fake hair on her head. I don’t understand. She didn’t look like this in earlier seasons of Heroes and she doesn’t look like this in any of her displays for Candies clothing at Kohl’s. Under normal circumstances, Hayden is a cute girl. Well, obviously — she’s dating Milo Ventimiglia, a member of my Top 5 Celebrity Crush List. I realize not everyone finds him to be super hot, but I do, so that’s actually all that matters. Moving on.

But what are the stylists doing to her hair? It’s like they’re teasing her hair underneath and then smoothing it out on top. Or maybe her hairline moved farther back on her forehead several inches. Either way, it’s like her forehead has broadened and her hair has poofed in an effort to compensate. Her head seriously looks like an alien.

There really isn’t anything else for me to say.


One thought on “Close Encounters of the “Heroes” Kind

  1. Oh thank God!!

    I was waiting for someone else to pick up on this!! Her hair has been freaking me out something fierce, she’s normally a mega hottie, but the hair has really been bugging me.

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