Another Adventure in Cooking/Baking/Food Prep

Just a heads up, today might be a two-post day.

I made chicken and broccoli stir fry last night. This recipe was very easy, but time-consuming. I had to chop tons and tons of vegetables, I had to use two different frying pans, I had to make rice and I had to pre-cook chicken. I also had to mix ingredients for the sauce in a separate mixing bowl. So right there, I used two frying pans, another pan for the chicken, a pot for the rice and a mixing bowl. That’s not even counting all the utensils for stirring, chopping and mixing. Seriously, I probably filled up three-fourths of my dishwasher with stuff I used to prepare that meal.

But I did it, and I’m pretty sure it makes me a better person somehow. Like maybe if I’m applying for a new job years from now, it’ll be between me and one other person. We’re equally skilled job-wise, approximately the same age and lifestyle. But then, the interviewer will say, “Our office holds an annual stir-fry potluck event a couple months from now. How will you contribute?” My competition might answer, “Oh, I’d be happy to bring plates or bowls or utensils, if no one else signs up for that.” However, I’d be able to answer, with confidence, “Oh, I have a great chicken and broccoli stir fry recipe. I could prepare that for the potluck. Unless anyone has a problem with deliciousness?” The interviewer would smile, make a note on her paper — most likely a big star next to my name or multiple exclamation points, maybe a smiley face — and would say, “Ya know, I’m probably not supposed to tell you this, but you’re hired. The other person interviewing for this job was going to bring plates! That’s not the kind of person this organization needs.”

And she’d be right.


One thought on “Another Adventure in Cooking/Baking/Food Prep

  1. I loved every single second of this entry.

    Could you please go ahead and put me down for three copies of the hardcover edition of “My Road to Domestication” by Lindsey Quick…I assume it will be released within the next year and I just want to make sure I’m in the mix.

    On a related note…I’m serious. This is wonderful fodder for a book. 250 pages of your writing would sell like hot cakes…hot cakes, I say!!

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