Bathroom Observation

This has nothing to do with becoming domesticated. Unless you’re talking about the difference between a domesticated person who can function in today’s society and an undomesticated person who doesn’t think about the grossness levels of bathroom surfaces.

So my office’s bathroom is really nice — it was recently remodeled, it’s always clean-looking and more importantly, it has tons of free hair spray and other products for us to use in case of a hair emergency.

There’s just one problem I have with the bathroom: almost every day, there’s a rogue roll of toilet paper on top of the TP holder or the back of the toilet, or, oddly today, on the floor. toilet_paper_roll1

I don’t know about you, but if there’s a roll of toilet paper on the floor, it’s the last thing I’m going to think to use. Doesn’t that seem like the least sanitary thing ever? Isn’t the bathroom floor the place with the highest count of gross and bad-for-you germs? Even if the roll is on top of the holder or the back of the toilet, I still wouldn’t use it. I don’t know what kinds of things have jumped out of the toilet bowl and onto other surfaces. And I don’t want something that’s known for soaking up gross things anywhere near any part of my body.

OK, so everyone gets the idea that I don’t like it and I wouldn’t use it.

But, since I got to the bathroom about 15 times a day, I am in a great position to notice how the rogue roll on the floor got smaller as the day went on. That means someone is using that roll. What?! What would make you think that roll of TP is safe to use? Ick, just thinking about it sent a shiver up my spine. And, to make matters worse, someone moved it to the top of the TP holder. So now, someone who may have had hesitations toward using the floor TP but who has no reservations about using top of the holder TP might inadvertently use floor TP. This is why you shouldn’t use any TP not physically attached to the roll, but even then…

What if our maintenance guy comes in, sees a roll of TP on the floor/back of the toilet/top of the holder and decides, against all that is right and just in the world, to put that in the holder? I’m puking in my mouth right now.  Sounds like it’s time I either a) stop using public toilets all together or b) bring my own toilet paper. To avoid any kind of awkward moments with co-workers, I’ll probably have to bring a small stash on each bathroom trip, rather than an entire roll. Just want to play it safe.


6 thoughts on “Bathroom Observation

  1. Hi~!
    I stumbled upon your post and couldn’t help but agree with you.

    This happens in the toilet at my workplace too. >.<
    There was once I saw a rogue roll sitting on a TP holder. It was covered in grey lint/dust. -_-!! That was screaming “I rolled on the floor several times!”

    The weirdest thing was later in the day I saw the SAME roll, CLEAN (no more grey stuff). EWW!! “Someone had used it!” I thought.

    Thanks for the post though; I thought only my workplace was weird. =P

  2. A) I think you may have overactive bladder…15 times a day, scary!!

    B) I couldn’t agree more. Nerdy MIT bathrooms are downright horrifying as well. I’ve contemplated building my own portapotty, but I can’t see how that’s a logical option.

    C) Definitely start bringing your own TP and/or making sure to steal some from the janitor’s closet and unwrap a new roll every time.

  3. i’ve never actually used one before, so i think i would need to practice a few times before using it in public. not like on a public forum…but where once i’m doing using it, i have to go back to my cube. how do you dry off? i’m going to have to do a little research before i can back that idea.

  4. Thank you so much for unveiling this scary situation at work. I had no idea that the TP on top could have been on the floor.. shudder… I have always preferred the TP in the dispenser, but this solidifies my preference. Your insight and courage have changed my public bathroom experiences forever. I owe you a debt of gratitude.

  5. If one less person catches an STD or viral infection because of this post, then I’ll consider it a success. I can’t change the world, but maybe I can change how some people look at toilet paper in public restrooms.

    One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

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