Ranting and Raving…Mostly Ranting

Lately I’ve been having an issue with ranting. It seems like whenever someone or something really pisses me off and I want to explode, I’m almost always wrong. It’s not that my entire argument is wrong or that I’m coming out of left field on my thinking, it’s just that there’s one part that’s inaccurate or one part where I misunderstood someone’s point. And that’s all it takes to make yourself look like an idiot. In fact, that’s enough for someone to want to rant about you. I don’t want to be someone’s ranting subject.

In the past, I’ve always prided myself on not saying something unless I was without-a-doubt right. I think my parents had instilled in me the idea that it’s better for people to think you’re stupid than for you to prove it.  But for whatever reason, I’m not holding back anymore. I’m going to tell you how it is. And unfortunately, I’m going to have to sit there while you tell me I’m wrong. And then I’m going to be embarrassed, rightfully so.cj_bar-copy

For example. There’s a certain Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist who is also a guest contributor to Fox 9’s Thursday morning broadcast. I absolutely despise this person. I think this person is downright rotten and I question the Star Tribune’s integrity for continuing to employee him/her. Anyway, there are columns after columns proving what an idiot this person can be. However, I chose to rant about him/her, loudly, about something he/she was actually correct in. Here’s how it started.

I was reading his/her column because the headline included, “Shane Tallant (who?)” Now, I was instantly drawn to this because I would never ask “who?” after the name Shane Tallant, and I doubt any other HGTV-obsessed person would. He’s a host on one of their shows. Not everyone knows that, obviously, but I feel like he’s probably relatively well-known amongst designers and other home repair-related people. And that headline is exactly the reason I can’t stand this columnist. While he/she may not know who Shane Tallant is or why he’s a special guest at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, that doesn’t mean there’s a reason to question his popularity in a headline. If he had been the special guest at the Minneapolis Head Band Expo, maybe there would be some question. But he was at an event that couldn’t have been any more relevant to him, his career and his audience.

OK. So I’m all worked up because this person who I have absolutely no respect for and makes me want to vomit has once again pissed me off. Later in the article, he/she mentions how Tallant said he was born in Rochester but the event brochure thing says he’s from somewhere in Pennsylvania. In the brochure, it named the city, then abbreviated the state as “Penn.” The most annoying columnist in the world then ripped on the credibility of both Tallant — since he said he was born in Rochester, annoying columnist wonders why does the brochure say he lives in Pennsylvania? Well, idiot, maybe he was born in Rochester and then moved to Pennsylvania — and the Home and Garden Show brochure — it abbreviated the state name with Penn. when it should have been PA.

Now, as a journalism student, I had to take test after test on Associated Press state abbreviations. So, I decided this was my chance to pounce. I’m practically an expert in this field, although it’s been a few years, but I always scored way awesome on those tests.  So while at work, I announce my findings to my surrounding co-workers.

“Ugh, Star Tribune’s [unbelievably annoying columnist] is at it again. How can he/she call him/herself a journalist? Here he/she is, trying to show off his/her knowledge when the brochure is right — Pennsylvania is abbreviated Penn. in a sentence. Ugh. This is why the Star Tribune should fire his/her ass!”

It didn’t stop there. I went on and on for a bit longer, saying how this was just another instance of this person sucking at his/her job, until my co-worker informed me that, unfortunately, Pennsylvania is abbreviated Pa. in a sentence. How embarrassing! I had just gone off on this person and had given him/her [well, via the computer screen] that look of utter disgust and had waved my head around and shoved my finger at the computer monitor with conviction. And the whole time I was wrong. Well, technically the columnist is still kind of wrong, because the abbreviation is capital P lowercase A, and he/she was doing it all caps. But that isn’t enough to make me feel better.

So now I’m trying really hard to just bite my tongue anytime I want to share a strongly opinionated rant. However, I do realize that this blog is probably considered a rant. But I’m sorry, I just couldn’t refrain from my sharing my complete lack of respect for this person.


2 thoughts on “Ranting and Raving…Mostly Ranting

  1. Hey-

    Somehow, some way your blog was brought to my attention and I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude. I saw ‘that reporters’ account of what transpired that day and laughed. She was a pain in the ass from the minute she started talking to me. As a matter of fact, as soon as she walked away, several people from the Home Show apologized for her being so pushy and it was pretty obvious that she wears out her welcome quite often. In other words, she annoys everyone in Minneapolis and no one takes her reports seriously. Those were exact words spoken to me once she was gone. She thought that I cared that she was taping my presentation and that she was in the audience, when really I was mocking her cheesy journalistic approach and my audience knew it. In fact, while I was signing autographs afterwards, at least 10 people expressed their feelings for her and her reports. Pretty funny.

    Even funnier is that she was featured at some ‘celebrity’ type cooking stage and there were approx. 8 people in the audience to witness her culinary skills.

    I have read several of your blogs and I must admit, they are quite entertaining.

    Good luck to you!!

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