Another Commercial I Don’t Understand

So Southwest Airlines has been advertising a lot recently in the Minneapolis area because they are now serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. One of their commercials makes a point of informing the audience that Southwest doesn’t partner with travel sites, saying something like, “You won’t find Southwest Airlines on Travelocity, Orbitz or Priceline. So stop looking.” But that’s it. They don’t say anything about why they don’t partner or why it’s better for me, the customer. Maybe there are benefits, like cheaper airfares or more flexibility or better in-flight snacks and movies. I believe they mention something about “no hidden fees,” but I guess I haven’t had issues with hidden fees when I’ve booked trips using the travel sites. Maybe Southwest is hoping to strike fear in the hearts of Minneapolis vacation planners.

The only thing they actually tell me is that they hope I’ll stop looking for them on the travel sites.

Luckily for Southwest, I was never looking for them. And I will continue to not look for them. Please let me know if I’m missing something.


2 thoughts on “Another Commercial I Don’t Understand

  1. I think they’re just trying to prove how cool they are.

    Like if everyone in a group is talking about how much they all like Bob Dylan and then one dude is like “you know, I’ve never liked Dylan…he’s just not introspective enough for me…especially since he went so mainstream with his work.”

    …see that person is doing their best to deviate from the norm and make themselves appear all-kinds of cool and whatnot, when in actually they’re just sorta coming off as super douchey.

    I think Southwest was going for the “cool loner” approach…but as evidenced by this entry, they’ve swung and missed and landed in the d-bag pile. Bad form, Southwest, bad form indeed!!

  2. yeah, it still doesn’t make me think, “they’re so cool — i’m totally willing to pay way more to book my airfare and hotel separately.”

    if they gave me some kind of thing that actually said, “we’ve got something way better than all the other airlines,” i’d maybe think twice.

    this is a similar issue my company faces. we have a service and it’s a service that’s very similar to all of our competitors. most consumers don’t really know the difference — it’s just another cheap place they can get a haircut without making an appointment. Southwest needs to come up with a way that differentiates them. right now, they’re basically saying, “we do all the same things as the other major carriers, but you can’t find us on travel sites!” how is that good? that means i have to take an extra step to book a trip with them, whereas with a travel site, it’s all done at once. What’s In It For Me, Southwest!? i’m assuming Southwest saves money by not partnering with the travel sites — let me know that i’m saving tons of money then too. they say “low fares,” but they need to put “ridiculously” in front of that.

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