Oh Joy, Oh Rapture

I can’t think of anything to write about. I don’t even have anything to complain about really. My trip to Target this weekend was a little annoying with a lady talking about having hip replacement surgery, but when I realized she was just waiting for the “product runner” to bring her the product she wanted, it made more sense why she wasn’t paying for her items and just passing the time about the pros and cons of having a major medical procedure. I was actually a very giving person, retail-experience-wise. I let people go in front of me at Home Depot and Target, several times even! I volunteered to return my “don’t wants” to their shelves in the Target dressing room so the bored-out-of-her-mind attendant didn’t have to do it at the end of her shift. I helped an elderly woman load a home entertainment system into her car. OK, that’s a lie. But everything else is true.

I also got to sit outside a lot this weekend. It was so beautiful. My pink and tender back is paying the price for that. I hope none of those moles turn out to be cancerous…although I don’t know if a cancerous mole is really all that affected by the sun. If it’s already cancerous, I’d say there will be an issue whether or not you expose it to the sun. Many of the worst skin cancer cases seem to be from moles that never saw the sun. But I think maybe the sun speeds up the process. I guess I don’t understand skin cancer, even though I think I technically had a cancerous mole removed a couple summers ago. But hey, I’m trying to keep this positive because apparently one reader has pointed out that I complain too much. So this is my attempt at sounding positive.

thumbs_upIt’s not that I’m not a happy person. I think my life is awesome. I have the best family and friends I could ever ask for. I have a boyfriend who loves me and makes me laugh every day, even when I’m irate with him. I’m financially stable (of course the only things I own are an adorably cute Mazda 3 and about 50 plain t-shirts from Kohl’s). Anyway. I have a job I enjoy 98 percent of the time and co-workers who make me look forward to being in the office more than being on my couch by myself.

But something about telling stories about being annoyed with something/someone just come naturally to me. It’s just the way I talk. Who cares if it was a nice day in Bloomington, Minn.? I wouldn’t if I didn’t live here. And I wouldn’t want to read about it even though I do live here. But if on that nice day someone cut the writer off in traffic or said something really bizarre, I’d read it. Why? Because it’s entertaining. And it’s relatable. Everyone has been annoyed by other people’s driving, whether it was because other people on the road drive too fast or too slow. It doesn’t matter, but we’re all out there, interacting with each other and leaving impressions on each other. And in most cases we don’t get to find out why strangers say or do the things they do, so we’re left to create that scenario and reasoning in our heads. So we’ve all had these experiences and when someone else has one similar to ours, we want to read about it and talk about it. It’s a way to connect.

I can safely say that a majority of my friendships have started through an annoyance or hatred for something. My best friend from high school and I connected because we didn’t like other people from our high school or we’d been wronged by someone in our high school. We really had nothing else in common. But we’ve been friends ever since, not because we both love gospel music or going to tea parties. One of my best friends from college and I connected through our hatred for asking every single customer who came through our lines at our part-time retail job if they wanted eight issues of Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Weekly risk free*. Again, I don’t think she and I had any similar interests, other than being in our early 20s and living in Mankato, which meant we liked going to the Haze, even though it was disgusting. But we still talk once a week for an hour to recap the last week’s annoyances and victories.

Another friend and I meet about once every other week for two to three hours each time. What do we do? Mostly complain. But it’s through those complaints that we connect and find the silver lining. One of our favorite topics is men. She tells me the stories of annoying things her husband did and I tell her stories of annoying things my boyfriend did. Even though we were thoroughly annoyed when the situation occurred and use a tone of annoyance when we retell the story, it also somehow makes us start gushing about how cute the annoying men are. We’re not complaining because we don’t love these men; we’re complaining because we do. And by hearing each other’s complaints, we realize our men are normal (you’re all annoying!) and that somehow it’s cute.

So I guess I’m fine being the way I am because it’s brought lots of love, friendship and positivity into my life.


3 thoughts on “Oh Joy, Oh Rapture

  1. I could not agree more. Some times the best thing in life is to get together with a good friend and do nothing but bitch and moan and complain about something. It’s very freeing.

    Friends are like a free psychiatrist. I definitely prefer to let all this stuff out to a buddy for nothing (or at most a few beers) as opposed to a shrink for $100/hour!!

  2. and doesn’t it always make you feel more normal? i’m so grateful that my friends are either just as crazy as i am or maybe even more crazy than i am. and i’m sure they feel the same about me 🙂

  3. the feeling is definitely mutual! and i’ll always be greatful to best buy, product replacement plans, and risk free* trials of entertainment weekly and sports illustrated for bringing me my dear lindsey!

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