Rate the Level of Grossness

I’ve already said I’m somewhat of a germaphobe, but I have varying degrees of grossed-out levels. And while some minor things bother me, there are probably larger things that don’t bother me. So I’m very inconsistent.

OK, here’s what happened:

I was in my econ class last night, enjoying the enlightening lecture about marginal costs and variable costs and fixed costs and whatever other costs you could imagine. I had just put a piece of gum in my mouth and had set the wrapper on my table so that I could use it later to throw away my gum. Anyway. Due to some rustling of my papers and materials, the wrapper fell on the floor. It maybe sat there for 10 minutes before I decided to pick it up. It had gone a little out of my reach, so I had to use my shoe to slide it closer to me. This means my sandal landed on top of the wrapper, then dragged it across the carpet. I then picked it up and brought it close enough to my mouth that I could “dispense” my gum into it. I don’t think my mouth or my face actually came in contact with the wrapper, but it was close.

How gross is that? When I don’t think about it, I just say, “No big deal…” But when I think about where my sandal has been – namely bathrooms – I start getting grossed out. And I think about where other people’s shoes have been before their shoes touched the floor that my wrapper fell on. So there are bad things all over the floor and all over my sandal, so the wrapper picked up who knows what from both sides. Then I used my fingers to pick up said wrapper and bring it close to my mouth and face. I was a little disturbed. Not enough to do anything about it, like run to the bathroom and wash my hands and face 10 or 15 times, but still.


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