She’s a Star Performer

Just to give everyone an idea of the type of people I work with at my retail job…

I heard a great story about one of the “star performers” from my department. Let’s call this person Vicki. To help you visualize Vicki, picture Avril Lavigne. I would say there’s a 99 percent chance she’s been mistaken for Avril multiple times. Anyway. I have met Vicki three times. Two of those three times, she was finishing her shift when I was arriving. She never introduced herself; never said hello. I could immediately tell she was one of those people who has probably worked for the company for two or three years and knew she could get away with anything so she took full advantage of that. She’s rude, crass and has a very poor attitude.

However, anytime I review the lists of “star performers,” she’s on it. How is this possible? I haven’t seen her lift as much as a finger any time I’ve worked with her and she responds to customer questions and management direction with disrespect. She must work there full-time, which would allow for more opportunity to make up for her crappiness on the weekends.

Now for the story. So yesterday a group of us were working on an incredibly tedious project and had been standing on our feet, doing this project, for several hours. One of the group members mentioned how tired he was, and another co-worker shared this story:

“Vicki came to work hungover one day” — which was actually impressive to me, because she’s called in sick for about three shifts in the last two weeks — “and was really tired. So she found one of those chairs, ya know, the ones you always see guys sitting in while their girlfriends are shopping. She sat down, slid off her shoes and fell asleep. Security eventually saw her on camera and contacted a manager. The manager went to the chair, found Vicki sleeping it with her shoes off, woke her up and informed her that that was not the impression we wanted our customers to have.”

What!? What in your head would make you think it’s OK to 1) take your shoes off while sitting in a chair in the middle of a department store and 2) go to sleep? If you need to go to sleep, go to your car, hop in the back seat and take a 20-minute nap. And how is this girl still working here? And how is she considered a top-notch employee? Seriously.


4 thoughts on “She’s a Star Performer

  1. I have answers for your questions! Vicki is a star performer because, even though she isn’t lifting a finger at work, she’s probably “lifting” something else for the person that decides who is a star performer. She grew up in a trailer park, which is why she thinks it’s ok to take her shoes off in a department store, and as for why she thinks she can sleep, see the answer to why she is a star performer.

    Funny story, though. A guy that works with my wife got caught sleeping in the handicap stall in the men’s room at work. This is a professional office environment, and he was snoring so loudly that people outside the bathroom could hear him. When someone asked if he was alright (apparently people in diabetic comas snore very loudly), he said he was fine and immediately went back to sleep. He got terminated.

  2. I am getting the sense that Ms. Lavigne has some personal connection with the higher-ups. Maybe she is the boss’s friend’s daughter or something like that? Maybe she was a foster care kid that someone feels bad for and just “excuses” her behaviors-(kinda like the kids I work with). All I know is that her actions are NOT acceptable in any work setting…okay, maybe in one-like an overnight group home worker-but other than that, I vote for her to be terminated and allow her to have to work for something for once!

    1. the problem is that she actually does have high sales numbers and opens tons of our store’s credit cards. so i think she just gets really lucky during most of her shifts to get the people who are making big purchases and want to open a credit card and that saves her from being fired when she does incredibly awful things, like falling asleep in the middle of juniors dresses 🙂

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