Moving on Up

Since it’s been probably close to eight months (or more) since I’ve written anything loosely related to domestication and my quest to achieve it, I thought today might be the day to share some news: I’m in the process of purchasing my first home. A girl can’t get much more domesticated than that. Actually, if I learned to cook, showed any signs of being a good mother and became a cleaning maniac, then we could agree that I couldn’t get much more domesticated. Unfortunately, I’m very confident that cooking, mothering and cleaning will never be talents or interests of mine, so we’re going to have to stick with the slightly simpler stuff.


So apparently now is a great time to buy — or not, depending on who you ask and what their predictions for the real estate market are. But I’m going to go with it being a great time to buy so that I don’t have to cry myself to sleep at night while sleeping on the floor in my new place because I had to sell my bed to pay the mortgage that month. And I’d be crying out of my mouth now, since I had to sell my body to science to pay next month’s mortgage (30 Rock, anyone?).

I’m half kidding. I shouldn’t have to sell anything in order to pay my mortgage. While the monthly payment will be considerably higher than the rent I’m currently paying, that payment will be offset by my favorite boyfriend. So I’m buying my first place AND co-habitating. Let’s be honest: we all know that’s as close to domestication as I could ever dream of getting. Note: I can afford the monthly payments on my own if I had to, I’d just prefer not to 🙂

So now I’m just waiting to make everything official and sign my life away, then I’ll be spending my weekends at either Home Depot or Menards for home improvements. Fortunately I think the only improvements my place will need are a little elbow-grease-cleaning and some paint. So, just to be specific, I will maybe spend the majority of my weekends in the paint sample aisles of Home Depot and Menards, not so much the actual building supplies or other important stuff aisles. One step at a time here, people.


4 thoughts on “Moving on Up

  1. Congrats!!

    is it safe to assume you’ll bless your internet stalking community with some photos when the time comes?!

  2. most definitely! it’s just a condo, so it shouldn’t take too many images to convey my new digs. maybe i’ll do some before and after stuff, like “before i painted the wall” (white) to “after i painted the wall” (grey). or “before i put clothes in my closet” (empty) to “after i put clothes in my closet” (frickin’ overloaded).

  3. Well that all sounds cool for you, I feel sorry for your current (and soon-to-be former) roommate, as he is going to have to buy a bunch of new things to replace everything that you’re taking from the condo. A new TV might set him back a couple hundred dollars (I’m sure his parents will pitch in though, assuming they want to watch television during their weekend getaways from the exciting world of Dawson), but HE’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BUY A NEW SISTER ROOMMATE! A treadmill can’t do the damn dishes, Lindsey! Oh, that’s right, he only has a pasta pan, a pizza cutter, 3 plates, and 5 glasses, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    1. first, mom and dad did not pitch in on my tv even though they spent many a weekend getaways from dawson. second, your sister roommate will still be in the building, so she will be available to watch football games and other sports-related television shows (assuming you buy a new tv, of course). maybe she’ll come down to visit and put the dishes in the dishwasher every so often. third, she will definitely want to use her treadmill, so she will probably visit more often than you’d like.

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