Here I Am, World

I’m quickly approaching that moment where I can officially say I’ve arrived to my late-20s. I think the descriptor of “mid-20s” and “late-20s” can be a little grey, so it’s possible other people will say I’ve already arrived. But soon, I will have without-a-doubt arrived.

I think anytime you hit milestones (maybe not milestones that are typically marked, but ones you’ve set in your own mind), you compare your actual life to maybe where you thought it would/should be. Am I where I thought I would have been or think I should be? I guess it depends on the age at which you had asked me where I should be by my late-20s. If you had asked me that question when I was in high school, all I would have known to say was that I would be married with two kids. So high school me might be surprised by the way things turned out. I think college me would be happy with where I’m at, namely because the only goal I really had was to find a decent-paying job where I can live the lifestyle I want to live and not be stressed out. I should be clear that college me was told one lecture after another that journalism students shouldn’t expect to make any money, so when I say “decent-paying,” it’s possible that that number is much lower than what you’d consider decent. I’m able to buy the things I want and still have money in the bank, so I consider that decent.


I recently made the decision to stop my pursuit of my associate’s degree. Mostly because it seems weird to go to school for an associate’s degree when you already have a bachelor’s degree. Also because there are very few positions in the field I’m interested in that are looking for someone with an associate’s degree. Most are looking for a master’s…so I’ve decided to go that route instead. I’m super excited, not just because the program curriculum really interests me (other than the one or two biostatistics classes – ick!), but also for the opportunities and doors that will open once I get that degree. And, if all goes well financially, I should be able to obtain said degree while in my late-20s (extremely late-, borderline no-longer-a-part-of-, 20s).

I should mention that this program is all online, which means the number of interesting student interaction stories will probably be low. And since I won’t be going to any campus, there won’t be any stories about me getting lost or sitting in a classroom full of students four or five years younger than me.

And while I truly want to get a second job to help fund this educational journey, I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to balance school, regular full-time job and crazy-retail-super-annoying job. That means no more LaShonda stories.

So, how does current me feel about my place in the world? I think I’m going to save that question for two or two and a half years from now.


2 thoughts on “Here I Am, World

    1. i’ve got my fingers crossed that i will be able to get that ever-valuable, minimum-wage-paying second job to keep those stories coming.

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