Apparently I Can’t Be Trusted

I live with my boyfriend. [Oh Lindsey, you’re so bad-ass and a horrible role model, all at once!] We’ve been together almost three years and have lived together at least half of that. I trust my boyfriend not to steal my stuff or steal my money, but I also trust him with more basic things, like understanding that when the bathroom door is shut and I’m inside, he shouldn’t just walk in.

Apparently he doesn’t have as much faith in me as I do in him.

Every time he goes into the bathroom and closes the door, whether it’s something as simple as brushing his teeth or something more complicated like a shower, he locks the door.

I do not understand. I have never been known as a person who just goes ahead and opens the bathroom door no matter who’s inside and no matter what they’re doing. There is no story about me as a child doing this, nor is there a story about an older me doing this. I don’t know of other people who do it, so it’s not like half the population is known for just walking into bathrooms while others are using them. I pointed it out to my boyfriend months ago, and the door-locking stopped…temporarily. Just today, I noticed it was back in full force.

Maybe his family was big into walking into the bathroom while you were using it and this bothered him throughout his entire childhood, so now he’s conditioned to locking the door. Maybe he believes in functionality and thinks that since someone took the time to put locks on bathroom doors, they should be used to their full capacity. Maybe it’s something really deep, like that he trusts me for the most part, but he can’t fully trust me, and there is a part of him that I will always be locked out of because of something I did early on in our relationship and he just can’t get past it. Maybe he just likes the clicky noise the lock makes when you push it in or the poppy noise the lock makes when you open the door. Maybe these are questions I should ask my boyfriend instead of my blog readers.

Either way, I don’t appreciate the lack of trust. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this. I guess I should just be happy that he trusts me not to steal his stuff or money.


4 thoughts on “Apparently I Can’t Be Trusted

  1. two thoughts:
    1) I’m sure you walked in on big kitty and little kitty going to the bathroom on numerous occasions, and I’m not sure if they ever fully recovered.
    2) how can you expect him to trust you when you seem to pay close attention every time he goes to the bathroom? also, as someone who has dug in his drawers to find his key to the storage locker (after you lost yours, and subsequently LOST his copy, if only for a couple of days), I’m not entirely sure he /should/ be trusting you…

    how about this for a plan: start leaving the door open when /you/ go to the bathroom. now /that’s/ trust, lindseyq22, just like the trust I have in you that you’ll knock before entering my condo ๐Ÿ™‚

    also, the “open door policy” does have exceptions. for instance, if you recently ate chipotle, closing the door is more of a courtesy than a trust thing, but I think you get the idea.

    1. brother, i think “open” door and “unlocked” door are two different things. i don’t want open doors…i’m just not sure why they are locked…

      i think all is OK on the key inventory at this time.

  2. OMG! This is hilarious! Kinda funny you have a closed door policy. In our house, we have an open door, or maybe that is just me because my husband insists on closing the door which is nice becuase it is always when he does the #2…so really I am fine.

    I think it would be really weird if Andy locked the door.. I think you should take the locks off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. we live in a super-small condo, so maybe if we had a house, we’d be a little more accepting of the open door policy. well, i would be open to it, but dan would still most likely be against it.

      when i’m at home by myself, i usually leave the door open or at least a little open. i’m 100 percent sure that dan has the door completely closed and locked.

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