A New Bathroom Observation

The bathroom at my new office is completely automated. This is somewhat similar to the bathroom from my previous office, although it seems like “taking the work out of it” actually made me work harder to use it.

In my new office, the toilet automatically flushes. I was worried I was going to have issues with this since it’s been a problem for me in the past, but after almost a week of employment, I was feeling pretty confident. Until I wore high heels. On the day I wore heels, the first time I used the bathroom, the toilet flushed while I was still on it. This has always been one of my public restroom nightmares (so is having water from the toilet splash onto my feet or legs when I’m wearing sandals or shorts — I’m shuddering at the idea of that right now). The rest of the day, the toilet wouldn’t automatically flush at all — I had to press the ’emergency’ flush button every time. I’m not sure how being an extra two or three inches tall would have made that much of a difference. The next day, when I went back to flats, all was right with the flush again.

This office’s bathroom is also unbelievably quiet. There is no overhead music, and the soap and water dispensers are completely undetectable by the human ear unless you are actually using them. This quietness caused me to believe, multiple times, that hand-washing had gone by the wayside in this office. There were a number of fliers posted in the bathroom about the importance of properly washing your hands and doing it for at least 20 seconds, which only seemed to solidify the idea that this was an issue brought up in their employee engagement survey results. I vowed not to shake anyone’s hand ever again. I later realized that it was just the nearly soundless quality of the faucet and soap dispenser, and resumed shaking hands with people.

The bathroom doesn’t have an ample supply of professional haircare products, which is something I will miss from my last office. However, this bathroom does have a full-length mirror so I can re-evaluate my outfit choice every time I visit (and I do). The towel dispenser is easy to use, requiring only that you wave your hand in front of it for the towel to come out. It rips off easily and I don’t have to worry about messing it up for the next person.

Overall, I would have to give this bathroom a B+. I just wish it had some overhead music. And maybe a bottle of Big Sexy Hair Spray and Player Harder hairspray.


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