my pinterest challenge

warning: i’m typing this on my phone, which means there won’t be uppercase letters, there will be typos and use of punctuation will be spotty. i also will not proofread this before posting.

when i first joined pinterest, it was mostly so i could see lots of outfits at once. i have several fashion blogs that i browse, but since i have become accustomed to getting things quickly, i’ve grown tired of having to go to the website, skip thru all their writing to get to the pics and press the ‘older posts’ link every few outfits to see previous pages. i wanted to see outfits — and lots of them — NOW. pinterest was perfect. i can even follow my fave fashion bloggers and see all their outfits — plus the outfits of others that they like — all in one place.

the problem is that i started wanting all the clothes, which becomes an expensive hobby. i would see others “pin” recipes every so often and i would grumble under my breath, “why are you taking up space with stupid cooking stuff when i could be viewing more outfits? ugh!” until i started noticing that a lot of the food sounded good. and the captions would say thins like “no bake” or “even a moron could make this” and “easy mac and cheese recipe.”

i’ve always wanted to cook more, i’m just really lazy. when i started reading some of the recipes, i saw that they truly were easy, and that i could actually make them. luckily i have tons of friends and family who had already found some delish dishes, so i browsed all their boards and found recipes i wanted to make. i challenged myself to make one pinterest dish a week.

i did really well with the challenge for several weeks, even being so excited that i sometimes made two or three recipes a week. i was having fun and was proud of myself every time something turned out well enough that i wanted to make it again. for the recipes that didnt turn out so well, i still wanted to make them again so that i could alter what i had done to make it better the second time around.

so there i was, making food, trying recipes, bringing leftovers to work four or five days a week. i was so proud and impressed with myself.

and then i had one week where i didn’t make anything. the next week, i re-made a tried and true recipe, then went out of town and gorged on unhealthy food. i came back, lazier than ever, and didn’t make any pinterest dishes. the next week i tried to get back on track with a recipe i had been excited about, and loved it, but as soon as i finished it (2.5 lbs of buffalo chicken, to be exact), i didn’t feel like cooking again.

so now, after another week of no cooking, i’m in a total rut. i really don’t want to go out for lunch again tomorrow, but i chose to be lazy tonight and didn’t make anything i could bring for leftovers. plus it’ll be friday, when everyone is feeling social, so even if i brought something, i would probably let myself be convinced that going out to eat would be better.

i need to pull it together! since next week is a holiday week and i plan to take some time off work, i’m hoping i can motivate myself to do some cooking and get back into my pinterest groove.


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