Since Dan sleeps in pretty late on weekends and I’m up (along with Dig) around 7, I spend a lot of my Saturday and Sunday mornings watching SOAPnet’s Breakfast in Bed. This is how I came to love One Tree Hill, which I watched religiously every weekend for at least a year. I was mildly obsessed. However, the obsession stopped when Veronica Mars was added to the Breakfast in Bed lineup.

I never watched Veronica Mars when it was originally on television. I’m not sure what show I was wrapped up in back then, but it wasn’t Veronica Mars. Being able to watch three episodes in a row on either Saturday or Sunday was the perfect way to suck me in. And I’ve been hooked all summer, looking forward to my early morning alone time so I can watch the stupid show without judgment from Dan.

Because I recently got a new role with my company (yay!), my work schedule has shifted a little, and I’m able to go home earlier than I used to. I discovered that if I time it right, I can get home and watch a portion of an episode of Veronica Mars, which is the perfect entertainment for when I run on my treadmill. Anyway, this week the Veronica Mars episodes during the weekdays were just slightly ahead of the weekend episodes, and I was OK with that because I’ve been dying to know if Veronica gets back together with her ex, Logan, or stays with a new guy, Piz.

I could spend at least a paragraph here writing why I like Logan so much and why I want them to work, but I won’t.

This week, I watched the last 20 minutes of an episode on Monday, missed Tuesday, but was able to get home in time to watch 40 minutes of an episode on Wednesday. The episode was pretty suspenseful, and the ending was definitely a cliffhanger. Because I couldn’t stand it, I jumped ahead on the schedule guide from DirecTV to read the summaries for Thursday’s episodes.

What I found horrified me.

Thursday’s episodes were episodes 1 and 2 of the series. This made no sense to me. How could the episode I had just watched be the last episode that SOAPnet was showing? There’s no way it could have been cancelled without a series finale that provided closure, right?


I googled Veronica Mars and discovered that they did cancel the series after the third season had already finished, so there was no “final” season ever filmed and therefore no closure-bringing series finale. I did some more digging to learn that they had wanted to do a movie to provide closure for all the fans (and squeeze the last bit of money out of it that they could, I’m sure), but no studio would fund it. That was in 2010.

I was heartbroken. Seriously. I even had two dreams about it that night. Would Logan and Veronica have gotten back together? Did Veronica’s dad get re-elected Sheriff? Ugh! I just want to know!


3 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. I hear you. I got addicted to Veronica Mars when we moved out here and was subsequently destroyed when a) Kristen Bell was taken off of my TV every week and B) I had no f’n idea how things were supposed to be finalized.

    I can’t handle the not knowing.

      1. I think it’s time we fired up some fan fiction and wrote the script for that movie. I’m sure Kristen Bell would be willing to play the role one more time if I promise to stop calling her in the middle of the night and crying about how much I miss Veronica.

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