Wash, rinse, repeat

How often do you wash your hair? If I followed the advice of most women’s magazines and hair stylists, I’d wash my hair once or twice a week. Instead, I shampoo my ‘do six or seven times a week.

Here’s why.

I try really hard to work out three or four times a week. When I work out, I sweat. A lot. My hair is pretty much dripping in sweat. That seems like a logical reason to shampoo, right? Maybe people who work out a lot and shampoo infrequently have a secret to how they accomplish this. Actually, I should clarify: People who work out a lot AND sweat a lot but shampoo infrequently. If you don’t sweat much, you are a super human as far as I’m concerned and I’d prefer to not hear about your perfect eccrine glands and therefore all-around perfect life.

I have bangs. My bangs are somewhat heavy and side swept, but pretty much cover my entire forehead. This is because I have a large, odd-shaped forehead that I’d prefer to keep covered at all times. In order to prevent my bangs from becoming 100% greasified over the course of the day, I saturate those strands in hairspray to keep them from moving even a millimeter out of place. Does this look natural? Maybe not, but at least I don’t have to wipe my bangs out of my eyes all day, transferring oils from my fingers to my precious locks.

Don’t try to tell me that dry shampoo is your saving grace. I have yet to use a dry shampoo that actually 1) makes my hair look less greasy or 2) provide additional volume that all dry shampoos claim to do. Not only is my hair just as greasy and flat, but it also feels sticky and looks like I washed my hair with a bag of flour.

So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be able to wash my hair only once or twice a week. But my hair will be clean, and that should count for something.


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