Rows and rows of couches; ugly, ugly couches

As the closing date on our house gets closer, we’re talking more and more about the decor and setup for every room. Prior to this weekend, we had both set our sights on separate spaces. I had focused most of my attention on the bedroom that I’m turning into a walk-in closet. Dan was focusing mostly on projects that needed to happen outside the house. When I told him I was going to start looking for couches/sofas for the living room (apparently everyone calls this room the family room — so if I say living room, I mean the room where everyone hangs out and watches TV). When I said that I visualized a sectional sofa, Dan thought he better get involved.

So instead of spending our time arguing about couches we saw online, we decided to argue in public at furniture stores.

I wanted a sectional that had a chaise lounge on the end. I love the way that looks and thought it would be really comfortable. Dan thinks chaise lounges are the least comfortable things ever, especially because they provide no support (if you’re partially slouched). Dan wanted a recliner built into the couch.

Do you know how hard it is to find a couch with a recliner in a modern-looking style?

Everything we found was either incredibly modern and sleek or incredibly “comfortable.” When I use the word comfortable in quotes, it means that I think it’s the equivalent of wearing bagging sweat pants and a ratty sweatshirt as your regular attire. This is when the public arguing began.

I’m not looking for the most modern and sleek couches of all time — a level of comfort is important to me. But I don’t want to buy something mega ugly when it’s going to be our main couch for years to come. Dan’s argument was that when we come home from a long day at work, you just want to sit on something that’s really comfortable, not something that belongs in a magazine. The argument was a little more hard-hitting than that, but I’m trying to keep this entry relatively short 🙂

Normally I would stick to my guns and hold out until we bought the couch I really wanted. However, I felt like it was a losing battle, and I would be better off just putting Dan’s preferences first, then hope I can find something that meets his needs that I don’t find hideous-looking.

So, we ignored all the “pretty” couches and went straight to the leather sections of every store we visited. Not that all leather couches are “un-pretty” — but, well, they are. I guess there are the some really modern-looking leather couches, but Dan didn’t even acknowledge those. We were in the land of big, poofy leather couches.

I’ll admit it — they were more comfortable than my pretty couches. But they were also a lot uglier. I’m probably offending a lot of people who have leather couches — I’m sorry. It’s not that all leather couches are ugly, they’re just not the modern look I typically prefer — they are larger and take up so much space. I feel like we sat in about 60 different couches between the four stores we went to, and 90% of those couches I wouldn’t have even considered putting in my living room. In the end, there was only one couch that met the comfort criteria Dan had and the look criteria that I had.

So we’ll wait, and try living in the house for a few weeks to see where we’d put the couch and how it would best be situated using my old couch. Once we know exactly where it’s sitting and what the space looks like, we’ll be able to move forward.

OK, on a somewhat-related note: There were so many ADORABLE couches and loveseats and pillows at every store. Things in super bright colors and patterns that I just loved so much. I have no idea how a woman would get to buy all these things for rooms her man-friend would use. I told Dan that I’d love to know the demographics of the people who buy them: women whose husbands have passed, recently divorced women, etc. Maybe women who live in really big houses with lots of rooms that their men won’t be using. Or maybe the women run the house and they’ll buy whatever the hell they want. Our house has a lot of square footage, but not many rooms, so I don’t think I could get away with it. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Rows and rows of couches; ugly, ugly couches

    1. I’m so sorry! Clearly I have not been keeping up with this blog. I’ve moved to

      So far no one has won the battle yet!! We are in the process of remodeling the room, so a decision will have to be made in the next few months. I hope you got your way!

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