My first project

Since moving into our house, my focus has mostly been on my closet. While I got to help with the planning for it, Dan was the one doing all the work (other than the painting!). He put up all the brackets and shelves throughout the room, then also added additional shelving in the closet for my shoes.

The bulk of the room is done, except for a few small organizational projects. One of the projects I finally took care of this weekend.

I have a lot of necklaces. A vast majority of them were purchased when I was in late high school and college – which means they are pretty awful. However, my taste has improved (slightly) and some of my more recent purchases are decent. In the condo, Dan screwed in some giant rods for me to store my necklaces on, but that wasn’t the look I was going for in my awesome closet. After days of scanning Pinterest, I finally found a solution.

Here’s the finished look.


These are my favorite necklaces and the ones I wear the most often. There are also a few that are solely here for sentimental value because they remind me of a person or place. Some of my favorite necklaces didn’t make it into the boards – either they were too big, too heavy or just wouldn’t fit.

I’m SO happy with how they turned out.

Materials I used:

Three picture frames


Cork roll (cut to the size of my frames) for each frame

Pieces of cardboard (cut to the size of the frames) for each frame

Push pins

Spray paint

Stapler and staples

I bought all three frames at my local thrift store. The two smaller frames are matching frames, which I liked. Here’s how the three frames looked when I purchased them.



I was able to get all three frames for less than $20, which made me very happy! To make them more my style, I wiped them down with a wet cloth, then spray-painted the frames white. While the frames were drying, I ironed my fabric, then cut the fabric, cork board and cardboard down to size. I put the fabric on the bottom, then the cork board, then the cardboard, pulled the fabric over the sides and stapled the fabric in places.

After the frames had dried (I waited a day), I popped my fabric boards into the frames and voila, my jewelry storage solution was ready to load.



I think these are awesome. Here’s the link I found to be the most helpful when trying to do this:

She has much better directions for what to do!

Another option I liked was:


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