What I’m reading: Nov. 29

Hi, friends.

I’ve found that in order for me to feel creative and thoughtful, I have to be reading and learning. I had a stretch where I read one awesome book after another and it was like the creative juices were splashing around my body like someone had opened a floodgate in my brain.

Then I had three – THREE – less-than-inspiring reads in a row. All three had great reviews on Amazon and were referenced in the awesome books I read. So I’ve been a bit nervous to buy or start any new books. I don’t think I can handle the disappointment. It’s definitely taken a toll on my creative flow. Until I can muster up enough courage to start a new book, I’ve been doing a lot of online reading from some of my favorite publications. Here are a few things I’ve been reading, along with a brief intro from the article.

4 reasons you really don’t want to be a perfectionist – Health Magazine. Being a perfectionist is often thought of as a plus. But it turns out, the life of a true perfectionist may not be so, well, perfect. In fact, a growing body of research suggests that this personality quirk has a dark side.

Choosing not to negotiate your first salary could cost you $65,173.56 – The Penny Hoarder. It’s that first job that can set the stage for the rest of their lives and provide much needed experience for their careers. It can also set the scale for how much they will earn over their lifetimes. Settling for a low salary or choosing not to negotiate can cost workers thousands of dollars over the course of their careers.

How being busy makes you unproductive – LinkedIn via Travis Bradberry*. Being busy has somehow become a badge of honor. The prevailing notion is that if you aren’t super busy, you aren’t important or hard working. The truth is, busyness makes you less productive. *Travis Bradberry is one of my favorite writers on topics like this. If you have a LinkedIn profile, follow him.

The power of saying “no” – The Undercover Economist. Every time we say yes to a request, we are also saying no to anything else we might accomplish with the time.


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